"Minfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different.."                         Mindfulness can also helps us perform better, feel                                         calmer and less anxious.

7 Tips for using mindfulness and relaxation  to cope with stress and anxiety:

1.Practice a simple breathing exercise or pranayama breathing ( practice of breath control in yoga)

2.Take a pause during the day and notice the thoughts you are having

3. Try yoga or candle light meditation. 

 For example: Vinyasa is a smooth transition between asanas. Vinyasa is a great option for beginners because it exposes you to many fundamental poses. 

4. listen to music ( forest soundtrack or binaural beats)

5. Use aromatherapy

6. Drink water

7. Eat healthy foods


Candle Light Meditation

~"As you begin with the meditation process, you must first set up comfortable  place to suit the practice. The idea is to create a set up that is dimly lit up, but is comfortable to sit in.Ensure the room is at temperature you are comfortable at.

~ Now it’s time to light a candle. Sit at a distance of some 50 cm from the candle. The position of the candle should be at eye-level. Do not fall forward while gazing at the candle or do not slump. Remember, you have to be comfortable when looking at the candle flame. You can sit in a chair. Or you can choose to sit cross-legged, in front of the candle, whichever is convenient to you.

~ Start gazing at the flame. When you do so, the image of the candle should fill your mind. Initially, you may find it hard to concentrate, and your eyes might turn watery. But keep your gaze fixed till you achieve a state of calm. As you stare at the candle, breathe in and breathe out. As you keep at it, you slowly find yourself getting into a state of concentration and peace.

~Candle light meditation helps to improve your mental stability. As your eyes are fixed on the candle flame, they don’t see anything beyond the flame. In such a situation, your brain receives no new information to process. "  author: Suhani